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Immediate Execution

Signals are executed right from Telegram channels in less than 5 seconds. No matter what signal format, be it an image or a different language, our Telegram copier will directly copy it from Telegram to MT4 or MT5 platforms.

Trade All Kinds Of Assets

Trade FX, Indexes, Commodities. Our EA parses also reply messages from telegram channels to execute directly close orders, move SL, set to breakeven… directly to your MT4.

Entry Price At Market Or Provider

You can follow the entry price of your signal Provider, in this case, the EA will execute pending orders. Or simply execute Telegram forex signals directly at the Market price when the provider sends the signals.

Money Management

You can set your money management strategy from our EA settings. You will be able to choose a fixed lot or a percentage of the risk per trade. Our Telegram signals to MT4 copy signals also with multiple TPs. The lot size can be split easily between every order with a different TP.

Risk Management

Duplicate it from providers or set it yourself: TP & SL, Trailing SL, and custom Breakeven. You will be able to set your custom SL & TP to avoid the risk of the signal provider just send the signal without SL and TPs. Also, you can set a Trailing SL and close for each step a percentage of profit. Custom Breakeven is an ideal option for signals with one TPs.

Automatic Move SL

Our EA contains several advanced options, including automatic trailing when multiple TPs. When our Telegram to MT4 copier executes signals with TPs, it moves SL to breakeven when the first TP hits, and continues to move the SL to the first TP when the second TP hits… Also, Our Telegram copier executes messages from signal providers like move SL to breakeven, move SL at @…

Symbol Exceptions

You can choose not to trade a specific pair from telegram channels, or set a custom lot size for a pair. So, if you want not to trade all pairs with EUR, you will be able to enter just EUR in the Symbol Exception option in the EA settings.

Percentage Of TPs Lot Size

You can specify the percentage of total lot size for each TPs to control your risk and maximize profit. So, if your signal provider sends a signal with 3 TPs, The EA will split the Total lot size depending on the parameters in the EA settings.