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TelegramFxCopier offers a comprehensive solution for the problem of copying trading signals from Telegram.
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About our Company

Our company's story began in 2018, when our founders were copying trading signals from professional traders on Telegram. While they were able to generate some profits, they knew they could do even better if they applied certain strategies to these signals. They found challenges with executing the signals, and even when they did, there was a significant delay due to the time it took to copy and rewrite the signals in MT4 or MT5.

That's when the idea for our signal copying system was born. As computer engineers, our founders designed a system that uses smart algorithms for message parsing, image recognition, and parameter detection. This system eliminates delays and ensures that signals are executed quickly and accurately. We're proud to offer a reliable, effective solution to the common problem of copying trading signals.

We have clients all over the world.

Our application has come a long way thanks to the feedback and contributions of our members. Today, we have a robust system that can handle a wide range of cases and apply various strategies across all Telegram channels. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement, and we're constantly adding new features and enhancing our system to meet the needs of our growing community.
By collaborating with our customers to discuss their needs and demands, we're able to achieve significant product improvement, and industry leading features.

TelegramFXCopier and TelegramFXBacktest are divisions of MD Brands LLC, 100 Brown Ave suite 3, Chesterton IN 46304 323-488-0731