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All About TelegramFxCopier

Today, TelegramFxCopier delivers a large solution for copying trading signals in order to respond to a common problem.
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About our Company

The history of our company began in 2018 when the founders were copying signals from professional traders on Telegram App. They won but not much and can do better if some strategies are applied to these signals. The problem was that most of the time, they forgot to execute the signals from these traders, and even in the case where they were executing the signals, there was some significant execution time, the time to copy the signal and rewrite it in MT4 or MT5.

That’s where the idea came from. The founders, a computer engineers designed this signal copying system. By applying smart algorithms for message parsing, image recognition and parameter detection.

We have so much clients all around the world

With the help of our members, today our application contains and treats a lot of cases, and can apply different strategies for all Telegram channels. Our team is developing new features every day and improving the system quickly to satisfy everyone in our community.
Through the collaboration with customers in discussing needs and demand, we're able to attain mutual understanding.