Best 5 Free Forex Signals Provider in 2022

Forex signals are the most important part of forex trading. Here are 5 free forex signals providers which are the best in 2022.

November 10, 2021
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It is widely accepted that in order to play, you have to pay

But what if I told you that there’s an exception to this rule? Got you interested? Please let me explain…

Since its inception, forex trading has become a popular way for many people to supplement their monthly income. Many people, but, lack the time or skills necessary to be effective forex traders. As a result, many retail traders sought assistance from FREE forex signal providers.

Free forex signal providers are forums or groups in which skilled traders publish live trades for their members to follow. Members of the group can then generate steady revenue for themselves by depending on a more experienced trader. The catch is that some of these groups aren’t affordable! Some have been known to demand as much as $300 each MONTH simply to be able to join. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best 5 free forex signal providers in 2022.

Before we get into the meat of the article, let’s define free forex signals in general and how to profit from them.

These free forex signal groups are fundamentally made up of telegram groups with hundreds of members. When the free forex signal provider is ready to execute a trade, they will send out a message similar to this one. The call advises you which pair to purchase, whether to go short or long, as well as the take profit and stop loss goals. If you have a reputable forex signal source that understands what they’re doing, you should be able to earn a good profit.

Now that you know what free forex signals are and how joining one can be extremely profitable, let’s dive into our list of the best 5 free forex signals groups on Telegram.

Best 5 Free Forex Signal Provider in 2022

All of these free forex signals have been carefully selected by a professional staff with years of expertise in the sector. But, it would be innocuous to perform further study in order to discover alternative possibilities on the market.

Free Forex Signal Provider N°1: MYC Signals

Free Forex Signal Provider N°1: MYC Signals

MYC Signals is by far the greatest free forex signals provider on the market right now. MYC Signals’ strategy is all on stability, with an emphasis on assisting its subscribers in generating long-term gains. They provide a free group where members may get high-quality signals, as well as a paying group where you can receive even more high-quality signals.

MYC Signals is ideal for bitcoin traders who want to diversify their portfolios. This Telegram group for crypto trading signals provides between 20 and 30 alerts every month, some with a short time horizon and others with a months-long time horizon. This strategy appeals to us since it can rescue your money if the bitcoin market falls for a few weeks before rising again.

The ability to trade crypto signals automatically is something that many traders will appreciate about MYC Signals. On the Binance, BitMEX, ByBit, and Deribit crypto exchanges, the platform offer a Cornix bot that trades automatically on your behalf every time MYC Signals gives a crypto trading signal. When you join up with MYC Signals, you gain access to thorough guidelines on how to utilize the bot, as well as 24/7 customer assistance.


50 – 70 Trading Signals Per Month

Real Trading Team, Consistent Results

24/7 Customer Support

Automated Trading

3 Products to Match Your Trading Style


No verified signals results

Free Forex Signals Provider N°2: Wall Street Forex Signals

Free Forex Signals Provider N°2: Wall Street Forex Signals

Wall Street Forex Signals is next on the list. These free forex signal providers have been in the field for a while and have one of the largest groups. When it comes to disseminating free forex signals, Wall Street has a track record of doing so. But, the free forex signals aren’t always the best, and when they aren’t, the crew is quite forthright and honest in admitting it.

We believe they advertise their subscription service much too much when they should just offer instructive technical analysis information on why they pick some trades and not others, utilizing methods such as Fibonacci retracement. Overall, they are a good source of free forex signals, but they could do more in terms of instructional content.


1 – 2 Daily Trading Signals

3 Take Profit Levels item

Currencies and Gold

Limited Risk Management

Limited Performances


Not verified results

No proven strategy

No info about experts

Free Forex Signals Provider N°3: Ten Times Profit Fx

Free Forex Signals Provider N°3: Ten Times Profit Fx

Ten Times Profit is a trustworthy free forex signals provider, and one of their most valuable assets is the chart setups that they provide. They may not always bring you a ten-fold profit, but they will teach you a lot about trading.

It’s quite easy to be able to examine the chart they provide, determine whether or not you agree with the analysis, and then decide whether or not to follow the signal. This, like your personal trading log, can be beneficial to you as a trader.


Signal Frequency: 8 /day

1-3 Targets per trade

Live Telegram Alerts

1000-4000pips per month promise


No verified results.

They don’t have #myfxbook.

It does not provide any statement

Free Forex Signals Provider N°4: Forex Pips Factory

Free Forex Signals Provider N°4: Forex Pips Factory

Forex Pips Factory is one of the smallest free forex signal providers, but its quality is on par with the larger groups. They definitely represent quality above quantity, but when it comes to signal frequency, they fall short.

Furthermore, unlike some of the other groups featured in this channel, they do not publish as much instructional information as some of the others, such as chart setups explaining why a certain trade was in place. Instead, you may expect to receive more promotional material asking you to join their VIP group. Finally, we discovered that the signals they did release were good, but they lacked frequency.


Proven Track Record of their Performance

Full analysis, including chart analysis and market trends

Options for customization

Multiple ways of signalization


No verified results.

Free Forex Signals Provider N°5: Royal Forex Signals

Free Forex Signals Provider N°5: Royal Forex Signals

Kevin Reed operates Royal Forex Signals Review, a forex signal provider. Every day, he uploads his forex market technical analysis and one free signal in his Free Channel.

You won’t necessarily get free forex signals from this group, but we chose to include them on the list because of the high quality of the chart patterns they offer. This might help you in laying the groundwork for technical analysis and become more consistent over time.

These high-quality charts describe typical chart ranges and patterns including head and shoulders and double tops. Each chart includes a brief commentary on the major themes that each trader should keep in mind when trading the FX markets.

Despite the fact that we are not providing any free signals, we believe that these charts provide so much value that a trader may start a trade after seeing one.


3-8 Signals/day

Price: $49/3 months

Target: 1000-2000pips/month (Not Verified)

Accuracy: 80%-90% winning rate 


No verified results.

When the results of a free forex signal are not verified, it is critical to utilize TelegramFxBacktest to verify the findings using historical data. With TelegramFxBacktest, make the right decision.

Basically, free forex signals are ideal for retail traders who want to benefit from the wisdom of more experienced traders without having to pay a high price for it. If you think the quality of a group’s free signals is excellent, you may join the premium group to receive even more. By combining your own expertise and experience with the signals of professionals, you can generate a more consistent cash stream from your trades over time.

However, finding the greatest free forex signal provider, on the other hand, is merely the first step in joining the forex industry. You may be asking, “What else do I require?” Before we address your question, it is critical to note that today’s world moves quickly, and if you are not, you will be left behind. A similar idea is used in copy trading.

Time is critical when copy trading because if you miss one trade due to a time delay, you will lose your money. As a result, TelegramFxCopier comes into play. TelegramFxCopier is an AI-powered software that employs smart algorithms to automatically copy any trades from any telegram channel to MT4/5 in less than a second. Don’t miss a trade with TelegramFxCopier, the #1 trade copier in the forex industry.

Good luck.

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